What are dancing shrimp?

"Dancing shrimp" is my way of sending you good thoughts.

Many, many years ago, my mother and I were watching "The Jewel in the Crown", a lovely miniseries about the end of the English Raj in India. One of the characters, Barbie, when speaking of another character who is ill states, "I will send Prana to her. That's the goodness in the air."

After the end of this episode, as I was getting up to switch the DVD to the next disc, my mother, who was rather known for occasionally mishearing things, mentioned to me that she always heard that line as "I will send prawns to her.", which was mildly entertaining.

Right after this statement, as I'm switching the disc, a random Alton Brown cooking show happened to be on. And for whatever reason, there was suddenly a little animated conga line of shrimp going across the screen.

My mother and I found this immensely entertaining, and the two images stuck together in my brain.

You can think of dancing shrimp as motes of goodness traveling to you, or just a ridiculous image that brings a smile to your face. What every comes to your mind, know that the intention is goodness, from me to you.