I am not a woodworker, or a carpenter, or a cabinetmaker. However, I did work in a sceneshop in college. I can use powertools.

Fire Table

Not super period, but works. There are a lot of angle brackets holding it together.


Fire table in use at Otter's Welcome Home 2022. Photo by Yona Carmichael

Vague Plans

There are four cement pavers under the sand. I am going to look into getting some fire bricks instead. I'm also going to use flashing around the edges. I have caught the edges on fire by not paying attention. The box is singed, but not structurally damaged. At Malagentia Test Kitchen, I had a 2-3 gallon cast iron cauldron hanging from the support full of pottage.

A Frame Table

This is based on a 4' glued board. It's nice being longer, but you have to spend more on the 12' dowel and cut it down.


A Frame Table at Malagentia Test Kitchen 2022.

Vague Plans

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